Lafayette Machine Corporation


Our location and facility is very accommodating to our customer’s needs. We service all of Western New York with a wide range of machining experience and knowledge of materials. Our company continues to provide first hand advice to our customers on all types of industrial parts repair, rebuilds and manufacturing jobs. Our building is 10,000 square feet with 30 foot ceilings and is 100% dedicated to machining operations.


The machinists on staff have a wealth of knowledge and are always ready to solve difficult machining problems. When it comes to skilled application of manufacturing and industrial repair needs we provide quick and expert service. We provide individualized advice based on your requirements. We will utilize the specific machine or machines you need to complete the job most efficiently. Our engineers will listen to your wishes and production ideas, analyze solutions and pick the most effective equipment to manufacture specific components. We are available to provide the most advantageous solution to your problems!


We now accept all major credit cards as payment for our services. In addition, we are on call 24/7 with free pickup and delivery in most cases. We offer a solution to your machining needs by specializing in industrial repair, rebuilding pumps, assembly, industrial machining, re-building of pumps, reducers, repair of industrial equipment and sub-arc welding.

We have always been known for
our expertise and machining skills,
which our customers will gladly attest.

Recommendations can be provided upon request. We’ve done it all with excellence and precision for years, so contact us and we will be glad to service your machining needs.